• Excellence with Integrity Curriculum Guides

    EWI Curriculum Guides

    Each volume in the 10 volume Excellence with Integrity Curriculum Guide series distills the theory, research, and practice needed for developing essential 21st century social, emotional, and character skills. Experiential hands-on activities and practical how-to guides contribute to deep student engagement and lasting impact.

    Whether you are a novice educator or a master practitioner, each Curriculum Guide provides what you need to create powerful learning experiences around essential skills needed for achieving Excellence with Integrity.

    EWI Curriculum Guides include:

    ~ Positive and Productive Relationships
    ~ Communication and Collaboration
    ~ Managing Priorities and Time
    ~ Overcoming Obstacles and Stress
    ~ The Habits for Excellence
    ~ Goal Achievement
    ~ Integrity in Action
    ~ Creativity, Innovation, and Problem Solving
    ~ Leadership and Service
    ~ Purposeful, Balanced, and Healthy Life

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