• culture of excellence and ethics assessment

    CEEA Survey Overview

    Culture of Excellence & Ethics Assessment surveys have been in development since 2005 (previous versions named CREE) and have been utilized by K-12 education organizations and educational researchers in the U.S. and across the world, including Kenya, Singapore, Mongolia, Costa Rica, South Africa, China, Mexico, Canada, Chile, Africa, India, and the Philippines.

    Recognized as valid and reliable instruments by OSDFS experts, CEEA surveys are included in the federal School Climate Survey Compendium.

    CEEA surveys measure:

    • whether the school climate is safe;
    • whether faculty and staff are intentional in fostering an academically rigorous and socially engaging environment for students;
    • whether students show positive learning habits;
    • whether students experience positive relationships with peers and staff;
    • whether faculty and staff engage in supportive collegial relationships;
    • and the extent to which the school engages student families in support of student learning and social development.

  • The validity of the survey findings is enhanced by including parallel items and scales into student, staff, and parent surveys, which allows for triangulation of the results.

  • CEEA surveys are available for:

    Secondary Level (Middle and High Schools)

    Elementary Level (grades 4-6)

    Read a case-study of how one school used the data to improve climate and culture (Guilfoile & Queenan, 2010).