The Institute for Excellence & Ethics (IEE) is a nonprofit organization specializing in professional development, curriculum design, assessment and consulting services. IEE develops and disseminates research-based tools for building the culture of excellence and ethics in school, sport, workplace, home and community.

    Cultural indicators from all sectors of American life—political and military, business and education, sports and entertainment, families and communities—make clear the critical need for preparing individuals to lead purposeful, ethical, and fulfilling lives and to contribute to a productive, just, and caring society. How do we renew our culture, so that both ethics and excellence define who we are as a people, our economy has a stable supply of competent workers, and our democracy can count on a critical mass of responsible citizens?

    IEE designs, tests, and delivers curricular resources, professional development, and assessment in eight areas of focus drawn from IEE's applied research and aligned with current educational trends and intervention initiatives: (1) Developing positive and productive relationships, (2) Communicating and collaborating with efficiency and effectiveness, (3) Managing priorities and reducing stress, (4) Committing to high standards and continuous improvement, (5) Demonstrating emotional intelligence, integrity and responsibility, (6) Exhibiting creativity and innovation, critical thinking, and problem solving, (7) Leading and serving others, (8) Living a balanced, purposeful, and healthy life.

    IEE programming for schools is designed to shape the school and classroom culture of excellence and ethics, an environment in which individuals and staff are safe, supported, and empowered to learn and teach better. All IEE programming is authentically aligned with the major educational standards, theoretical frameworks, and federal and state standards. The authentic alignment of IEE programming with educational standards and reform frameworks provides schools with a way to help simultaneously satisfy many pressing needs that are competing for resources.

    IEE programming integrates and distills the research educators need to know and be able to use. Tools and strategies are built on the most current available research coming from many relevant scholarly fields. The programming respects and empowers faculty: training and curricular materials empower teachers to make it their own by providing structural flexibility and various strategies for differentiation, extension, authentic adaptation, and increasing student engagement. The programming also engages and empowers students: curricular materials are built to engage students through compelling content (music, literature, and videos), interactions with peers, and experiential activities. The ultimate impact of IEE's programming comes from equipping students with the tools and strategies needed for success in school, work, and beyond.

    To ensure effectiveness of implementation, IEE offers ongoing web-based support, options for extended leadership and staff professional development, rigorous assessment of school culture, and various consultation services. Comprehensive assessment for and of learning by IEE contributes to high fidelity of implementation and data-driven continuous improvement.

    What is true for schools is also true for homes, businesses, and entire communities. Intentionally placed at the center of our efforts, the culture of excellence and ethics maximizes our potential for success in all of our endeavors.